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Ventra Starter Kit

Ventra Starter Kit

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Discover the optimal start to a healthy future with our Ventra Starter Kit. Specially designed to support the first steps towards your baby's microbiome health, this set offers everything you need to lay a solid foundation for your child's well-being.

The Ventra Starter Kit includes two carefully developed components:

  • Two Baby Microbiome Tests: Start with a comprehensive analysis of your baby's microbiome. The first test provides insights into the current state, while the second is used to check the positive changes through the use of our Ventra Baby Drops.
  • A 3-Month Supply of Ventra Baby Drops: Our specially formulated drops promote the development of a healthy microbiome, support the immune system, and digestion of your baby. Enriched with Vitamin D3, they contribute to the development of strong bones and an overall healthy constitution.

In addition to these core components, the starter kit offers the opportunity for two expert consultations in which the test results are discussed in detail and individual questions can be clarified. This personal service ensures that you receive the information and support you need to optimally promote your baby's microbiome health.

Choose the Ventra Starter Kit for holistic support from the beginning. Accompany your baby safely and informed on their journey to a long-term healthy microbiome and a strong immune system.

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Worry-free from the start

Europe's only age-appropriate microbiome test for babies

Invest in your child's long-term health

  • Special test
    for Babies

    We specialize in the needs of babies. Our precise analysis methods capture the unique characteristics of the child's microbiome, providing you with relevant and easy-to-understand results.

  • 80,000+

    A deep look into your baby's microbiome health. With our shotgun metagenomics approach, we examine over 80,000 unique species and provide details that standard tests can't reach.

  • Evidence-Based
    & Clear

    Clear and unambiguous results await you. Our analyses are based on solid scientific research and offer clear, fact-based recommendations.

  • Understandable

    No jargon! Our experts translate complex data into clear, simple words and highlight the important aspects so you can easily understand your baby's microbiome health.
  • Home
    Science Team

    With 2 professors and 2 doctors from TUM, LMU, and the Quadram Institute. 127 publications and 13,500 citations demonstrate our outstanding research expertise.
  • Strengthen your
    trusted experts

    Our reports offer unique insights, ideal for sharing with your pediatrician, midwife, nutritionist, and holistic health experts. Promote informed discussions and make decisions together for your baby's health.
Mothers After Cesarean Section

Our test offers loving ways to support your baby's microbiome health from the start.

Babies Fed with Formula

If formula feeding is the right choice for you, our test gives you helpful tips for your baby's little tummy.

After Antibiotic Treatment

Our test helps you balance your baby's microbiome if antibiotics were necessary.

Natural Birth & Breastfeeding with Symptoms

For babies who, despite natural birth and breastfeeding, have digestive issues, our test provides targeted advice for loving support.

Focus on Bifidobacteria: Your Key to Baby Health

The presence and diversity of Bifidobacteria in the gut are crucial for your baby's healthy development. These important microorganisms strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Our specialized baby gut health test identifies the specific strains of Bifidobacteria in your child's gut. If there are deviations, the test report provides evidence-based, age-appropriate tips for diet and supplementation to support your baby's microbiome. This offers you a deeper insight that goes far beyond conventional tests.


Unmatched Depth in Microbiome Analysis

In addition to Bifidobacteria, our test detects over 80,000 unique microorganisms in the gut. This comprehensive analysis enables a detailed representation of the microbiome diversity that is important for your baby's healthy development and well-being.

Our advanced Next-Generation Sequencing technology (NGS) offers an analysis depth that you won't find in standard tests.

Health Indicator Groups
and Quick Comparison

We understand how complex microbiome data can be. That's why we've developed an innovative categorization that divides the identified species into different health impact groups. This not only makes it easier for you to quickly understand the current health status of your baby's microbiome, but also offers a simple way to monitor developments over time.

This clustering allows you to grasp the results at a glance and compare them with previous test results. This way, you can clearly see the progress in your child's microbiome health. An effective tool for informed discussions with your pediatrician and other health experts.

Expert Insights

Our experienced team is committed to the principles of future healthcare: prevention, personalization, and participation. We translate complex data into understandable insights and possible next steps. This way, you can easily understand your baby's microbiome health and make well-informed decisions.

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Test Procedure

How the Microbiome Test Works

conveniently from home and the result comes online to you.

  • Effortless Testing

    Simply collect a stool sample using the provided swab and send it back in the enclosed envelope.

  • Laboratory Insights

    Once your sample arrives at our CLIA-certified laboratory,
    we analyze your Microbiome to gain important insights.

  • Your Report Arrives

    Our team of microbiologists and pediatricians creates a detailed report and offers you valuable advice and tips.

Our Customized VentraCare Program

Specifically designed to optimally support your child's microbiome after a cesarean section or antibiotic treatment.

Baby Microbiome Test

One-time Order

1 x Baby Microbiome Test

One-time Order
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VentraCare - Starter Set

Your complete set for a healthy Microbiome start

1 x 3-month course Ventra Baby Drops

2 x Baby Microbiome Tests

2 x Expert Consultations

One-time Order
No automatic renewal. We deliver everything you need to get started just once. You decide what comes next!
€ 399
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ventra test differ from the stool tests at my doctor's?

Traditional stool samples are prescribed when there is suspicion of pathogenic agents in the intestine. In this process, certain bacteria in the sample are cultured on a nutrient solution and then identified microscopically.

The approach with the Ventra Tests is entirely different: we do not try to detect or not detect specific individual pathogens. We look at what all is there and how much of it. We believe that one should not wait for pronounced complaints to occur before dealing with the microbiome. Our motto is: the more we know about the inhabitants of the intestine, the better! Bacteria in the intestine live in a kind of domestic community, a huge bacterial flat-share, so to speak.

That's why we are interested in all the bacteria in the intestine so we can get as comprehensive a picture as possible of the condition in the intestine.

What kind of results can the test provide?

The microbiome of every person is individual and is influenced by many factors. For this reason, there is not one perfect microbiome that is desirable for everyone. The bacterial "Whole Genome Sequencing" analysis can provide you with good indications and suggestions regarding the bacterial inhabitants of your child’s gut. For example, with the help of the investigation, we can determine whether potentially pathogenic bacteria are found in the gut or if a group of bacteria has become predominant that is not known to be beneficial. Additionally, the bacterial genomes can be examined for possible antibiotic resistances.

A very important category of bacteria that we identify in our reports are Bifidobacteria, because they program the immune system in our first months of life. The test results from Ventra Health can give you a piece of mind regarding the proportion of Bifidobacteria in your child's microbiome. You will be informed if this is within the age-appropriate normal range and how you can achieve this.

In addition, you will receive tips on how you can naturally have a positive influence on the gut microbiome.

Why are age-appropriate reports for babies important?

The microbiome of babies undergoes significant development in the first years of life and is fundamentally different from that of adults during this time. A microbiome test specifically developed for babies takes these unique characteristics into account, thus providing the most accurate information about the health of the child's gut. Here are some reasons why age-appropriate microbiome reports are so important:

  • The microbiome of babies ideally is rich in Bifidobacteria, which are essential for their health and development. This is significantly different from the microbiome of adults, which features a much broader range of bacterial species.
  • With the introduction of family meals, usually from the age of 2-3 years, the child's microbiome begins to resemble that of an adult. Age-appropriate reports can capture these transitions and provide corresponding recommendations.
  • The gut bacteria that are particularly important for babies are not accurately captured by many microbiome analyses. Tests specifically designed for babies use adapted methods to draw a precise picture. For example, the 16S primers V3-V4 often used in microbiome analyses significantly underrepresent gram-positive bacteria like Bifidobacteria. This has impaired the accuracy of scientific studies regarding Bifidobacteria in the past.

Therefore, age-appropriate microbiome reports for babies are not just a means to capture the current state of the gut flora but also an important tool to support the healthy development of the baby. By using specific technologies tailored to the child's microbiome, parents can be sure to receive accurate and relevant information to best support their baby's health.