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Redefining Baby Health 🌱👶

At Ventra, we believe every baby deserves the best possible start in life!

As parents ourselves and through experiences with family and friends, we've noticed a significant gap in baby healthcare - the topic of the microbiome is almost never discussed, and there's hardly any support for concerned mothers.

With an increasing number of cesarean births and the general overuse of antibiotics, there's a need for a new approach. We wanted to provide parents, especially mothers, with tools to understand and improve their baby's microbiome health, which can significantly impact their health and well-being throughout their lives.

Our mission is to revolutionize the microbiome health of babies with tailored synbiotics based on the results of the latest microbiological testing technologies. We offer a holistic solution - from analyzing the baby's microbiome to providing suitable synbiotics through our platform. Our innovative approach focuses on giving parents a new understanding of their baby's microbiome health and personalized recommendations to support their microbiome.

    • Philipp Presslauer

      Management Consultant

      Health tracking and nutrition enthusiast


    • Dr. Danial Taherzadeh

      Deep-Tech Entrepreneur and Multiple Founder

      TUM Bioinformatics PhD on Microbial Ecosystems

    • Prof. Dr. Lindsay Hall

      TUM Professorship "Intestinal Microbiome"

      Group Leader Microbiome at the Quadram Institute (UK) with a research focus on the Microbiome of Infants

    • Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Hübner

      LMU Professor


      Deputy Head of Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital Munich

    • Konstantin Mehl

      Founder & CEO Kaia Health

      Founder & CEO Foodora

      Angel Investor

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    • Aliyar

      Product Design

    • Nina

      Science Team

    • Julia

      Science Team

    • Alina


    • Maria


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