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Your worry-free package following cesarean section and antibiotics with regular tests and synbiotics for a healthy baby microbiome
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The first 1,000 days are decisive

Establishing a healthy microbiome in the early years is crucial. However, interventions such as the use of antibiotics and cesarean sections can disturb this delicate balance. Such disruptions during critical phases of development can have far-reaching consequences.

Our solution: The VentraCare Recovery Program

To address these challenges, we have launched VentraCare - Recovery: A scientifically based, simple system to support the restoration of your child's microbiome after early-life disturbances. The program includes regular delivery of Ventra Baby Drops - synbiotics tailored to the specific needs of cesarean-section babies and antibiotic treatments, regular microbiome tests, and personal consultations with experts.

Why is VentraCare - Recovery essential for babies after C-section or antibiotics?

Special Challenge of C-section Births

Babies born via C-section often miss the early transfer of Bifidobacteria from the mother, which occurs during a natural birth. This can be crucial for the development of the immune system and gut health.

VentraCare - Recovery offers special support to fill this critical gap. With carefully matched synbiotics, our program helps promote the healthy development of the Microbiome – similar to what would happen during a natural birth.

Handling Antibiotic Treatments

Antibiotics save lives, but can also disturb the composition of the microbiome in babies, especially when administered in the first months of life. Such treatment can impair the natural colonization with Bifidobacteria, which are essential for a healthy immune system and effective digestion.

VentraCare - Recovery mitigates the effects of antibiotics on the baby's microbiome. Our synbiotics specifically strengthen Bifidobacteria to promote and restore a healthy gut flora.

The first 1,000 days are crucial for your baby's development
The bacteria that settle in the intestine at birth and thereafter lay the foundation for the further development of the gut flora and the immune and digestive systems.

How the VentraCare Program Works

Your worry-free package after cesarean section and antibiotics: Regular tests and synbiotics for a healthy baby microbiome.

Comprehensive Initial Gut Analysis

We use advanced shotgun sequencing to analyze all microorganisms in your baby's gut - bacteria, fungi, and parasites. This provides a complete picture of the current microbiome landscape.

Age-Appropriate Daily Synbiotics

Receive our scientifically backed Ventra Baby Drops regularly, containing both pro- and prebiotics tailored specifically to support your child's microbiome in an age-appropriate manner. Learn more about the science behind Ventra Baby Drops.

Regular Microbiome Check-Ins

With our regular microbiome check-ins, you can keep an eye on the development of your baby's microbiome. Together, we can ensure that your little one is on the best path to a healthy future.

Personal Expert Consultations

Benefit from regular personal expert conversations to understand your baby's microbiome data and receive individual recommendations. Plus, you'll gain access to scientifically backed resources to further your education in the field.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced of the quality of our VentraCare program and want you to be able to try it risk-free. That's why we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This way, you can be sure that you're making the best decision for your baby's health.

Our Customized VentraCare Program

Specifically designed to optimally support your child's microbiome after cesarean delivery or antibiotic treatment.

VentraCare - Starter Set

Your complete set for a healthy microbiome start

1 x 3-Month course Ventra Baby Drops

2 x Baby Microbiome Tests

2 x Expert consultations

One-time order
No automatic renewal. We deliver everything you need to get started just once. You decide everything else!
€ 399
incl. VAT
€ 399 instead of € 517 → save 23%
No shipping costs!

Ventra Baby Drops

Regular Synbiotics
Includes per term (3 months):

1 x 3-month course Ventra Baby Drops

Duration 3 months
Automatic renewal every 3 months. Don't worry, we will inform you in time before each renewal!
€ 34 /Month
incl. VAT
Only €1.13 per day
€102 instead of €119 → Save 14%
No shipping costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the VentraCare program entail?

The VentraCare program is a comprehensive support for your baby's microbiome health, specifically designed to promote the development of a healthy microbiome through regular monitoring and targeted nutrient supply. Here's an overview of the core components of the program:

  1. Individually tailored durations: The program is based on a subscription model with 3-month durations. In the first month of each duration, you will receive a Microbiome test and a 3-month pack of our Ventra Baby Drops. This combination is aimed at providing a detailed insight into your baby's microbiome health while supporting it with our high-quality synbiotics.
  2. Expert consultation: After the test results are available, we offer the opportunity to discuss them in a personal conversation with one of our experts. This conversation serves to explain the results in detail and answer any open questions.
  3. Flexible design: In the two following months after the test and the drops delivery, no further deliveries take place, which evenly distributes the costs over the duration. This structure also explains the minimum duration of 3 months each, to ensure continuous support.
  4. Automatic renewal: The program automatically renews for another 3 months, with a microbiome test and the drops being delivered again in the first month of the new duration.
  5. Customizable options: We inform you in advance of each renewal so that you have the opportunity to adjust, terminate, or extend the program according to your needs. For example, if a test is not desired in each duration, you can simply switch to a drops-only option, which adjusts the price accordingly.

Our goal with the VentraCare program is to offer flexible, needs-based support that optimally promotes your baby's health and development.

What exactly do the VentraCare starter and follow-up sets contain?

The VentraCare program, in addition to the flexible subscription model, also offers the possibility to order individual components in the form of sets to meet individual needs and preferences. Here are the details of the available sets:

VentraCare Starter Set

The starter set is specifically designed for new users who want a comprehensive insight into their baby's microbiome health. It includes:

  • Two Microbiome tests: The first test captures the current state of your baby's microbiome. The second test is used to assess the progress and positive changes in the microbiome after using our Ventra Baby Drops.
  • A 3-month pack of the Ventra Baby Drops: Our carefully developed synbiotics support and promote a healthy microbiome, thus contributing to your baby's overall health.
  • Two expert consultations: For each test, a personal conversation with one of our experts is provided, in which the results are discussed in detail and all your questions are answered.

VentraCare Follow-Up Set

For those who have already conducted a microbiome test and wish to continue support for their baby's microbiome health, we offer the follow-up set. It includes:

  • A microbiome test including expert consultation: This allows for continuous monitoring of your baby's microbiome health and the ability to adjust support as needed.
  • A 3-month pack of the Ventra Baby Drops: For continuous promotion of a healthy microbiome.

These sets offer a flexible alternative to the subscription model and allow you to choose and adjust the support for your baby's microbiome health as needed.

For which age group is the VentraCare program suitable?

The VentraCare program is designed to be suitable for all age groups, but it offers particularly valuable support for babies who were born via cesarean section or have received antibiotics. Here are some key points about the program's suitability:

  • Applicability across ages: Our program is designed to benefit people of all ages. From newborns to adults – everyone can benefit from the offered microbiome tests and synbiotics.
  • Specialization for babies: The Ventra Baby microbiome tests use age-specific reference data to accurately determine the proportion of Bifidobacteria in the microbiome. These specific data enable us to offer tailored insights and recommendations for babies.
  • Optimized for the baby microbiome: The Ventra Baby drops are formulated with strains specifically tailored to the baby's microbiome. They are especially effective in breastfed children or those receiving prebiotics such as HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) or FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharides)/GOS (Galacto-Oligosaccharides) through infant formula. This combination can lead to a significant and sustainable increase in the proportion of Bifidobacteria – an effect that mimics natural birth and breastfeeding.
  • General support for digestive health: In addition to specific support for a "microbiome recovery" after cesarean section or antibiotic treatment, the Ventra Baby drops also generally promote digestive health. Moreover, they contain a daily dose of vitamin D3, making them a valuable addition to overall health.

Our goal with the VentraCare program is to offer comprehensive support that is both focused on specific needs and on promoting general health, thus supporting well-being and development from the start.

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